Class Schedules

PLEASE NOTE: All class dates are subject to change when holidays, weather, or equipment failure create a gap in the schedule!

Each eight to ten week class session costs $80 (only $5/hr!) plus the annual $10 Club membership fee if you are not already a member. Please pay by cash or check; unfortunately the Club cannot accept credit cards.

Each evening consists of two lessons; the class fee covers both of these lessons!

Tuesday Classes, Instructor Chip Atwood

Variations and Routines for EXPERIENCED dance COUPLES looking for variety. For information call Donna Larkin at 443-994-1820 /

October 08, 2019 - 8 weeks
06:45 pm - Waltz
07:45 pm - Cha Cha

Wednesday Classes, Instructor Dave Malek

Beginners' dance classes for singles and couples. All levels welcome.

2019-2020 Class Schedule

Dates subject to change.

For information call Michelle and Eric Hymowitz at 410-379-2130 /

October 02, 2019 - 8 weeks
07:00 pm - Country 2-Step I
08:00 pm - Rumba II

November 27, 2019 - 8 weeks
Yes, we have class on Thanksgiving Wednesday 2019-11-27
No Class 2019-Dec-25
No Class 2020-Jan-01

07:00 pm - West Coast Swing I
08:00 pm - Country 2-Step II

Thursday Classes, Instructor Michael Sims

For INTERMEDIATE singles and couples. Please check with Laurie for OPENINGS to this class. Have opening for a couple. For information call Laurie Hopkins at (410) 798-7164 /

October 24, 2019 - 8 weeks check with Laurie for openings
07:00 pm - Intermediate Nite Club 2 Step I
08:00 pm - Intermediate Hustle II

Friday Classes, Instructor Sherri Wildoner

Carolina Shag For information call Margot Braswell at 240-505-3545 /

September 06, 2019 - 8 weeks
07:00 pm - Carolina Shag
08:00 pm - Shag practice

Class Policies


To be fair to our students and our instructors, no drop-ins are permitted. A drop-in is defined as someone that intends to attend only a few sessions of any given set.

The club does not pro-rate the fee for our classes for missed sessions.

New students are not accepted into sessions after the second class of any given set.

Inclement Weather Policy

Davidsonville Dance Club lessons are cancelled when the Anne Arundel County cancels evening adult activities due to inclement weather. The following web site provides excellent information regarding parks and recreation closures.
Updates are posted after 4:30pm.