President's Letter

Michael Greason

31 December 2013


I'd like to share a few thoughts as I close out my 2.5 years as President of the Davidsonville Dance Club.

I cannot thank the other members of the Board enough. Laurie Hopkins, first as Secretary and then as Vice President, has been a tower of strength though out my tenure as President. Sujit Ray as Treasurer for the last 1.5 years has been great, helping keep the Club on an even financial keel. Our other board members (Stephanie Courtney, Pam Lambaird, Harry Pickett, and Ryan Lash) all made many contributions as well!

I'd also like to thank the incoming Board for taking on the responsibility of running our Club. Curt Barrett brings two years as a prior President (he was the President of the Club when I joined it), one year as Treasurer (during my third year as Secretary) and a tenure as President of the Goddard Dance Club; he certainly knows the ropes going in! Laurie and Sujit are both continuing in their current roles and, no doubt, their excellent support! Fusako Ito is taking over the Secretary's role (a position that has been unfilled since last summer). I wish them all well and luck.

While nothing on the order of a new floor took place, some changes in the Hall did take place. We hung mirrors on the walls and the curtain at the end of the Hall (thanks Stephanie!). And we did purchase and install an AED, something that the Board had been batting around for a number of years [I remember it as a topic when I was Secretary.]

The Club is in as good financial condition as I leave the Board as I found it when I became President, and it is in better shape than it was when I started as Secretary. This certainly speaks well of the management of the Club by the many Boards that have guided it over those 6.5 years.

Finally I'd like to thank all of you. The support that I've received while President has been great, and guiding the Club has been a privilege. Please show Curt that same level of support, especially as he asks for help (door greeters, Hall decorators, etc.).

Thank you!
Mike Greason

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