President's Letter

Michael Greason

8 July 2011


I’d like to thank everyone for the support that they have already shown to me and the new Board of Directors. The transition of responsibility is going well.

I’d also like to express my appreciation for the work done by the outgoing Board over the last year. Indeed, Herb Nelson has been the President of the Club for many years now and has overseen many improvements: Ken Roesel's odd-Saturday dance parties, Mary Botta's Friday evening class, and our new bamboo floor are only the most visible of those changes. Pat Woodward, Donna Rae Thomas, and Len Rosenberg have been tireless in their efforts to keep the Club running smoothly; each has gone above and beyond the call of duty. My heartfelt thanks to you all!

I would also like to thank our new Board members for stepping up to the plate: Stephanie Courtney, our new Vice President, Laurie Hopkins, our new Secretary, and Harry Pickett, our new Treasurer.

I’d like to discuss some of the goals that I have for the next year.

First, I’d like to further define and clarify the roles of each responsible individual, both the Board members and the Class Representatives. I have already begun the latter process by distributing a list of Class Rep responsibilities for comment to the Board and to the Reps. I hope to have this completed and approved within the next month or so.

Second, many of you may remember that I started the process of changing our By-Laws with a series of meetings last year (shortly after my three year tenure as Club Secretary ended); I plan to restart that process soon. There are several changes that I feel should be made and need to, at least, be discussed. These include:

There are challenges on the horizon. I have heard that the County wants to pass along some of the operating costs (insurance, electricity, and heating). I already met with the Facilities Management department and learned that the Davidsonville Family Recreation Center (DFRC; the name of the multi-building facility we use) is managed by the Parks and Recreations department; I need to find out who our contact is there and continue the discussions that Herb began. As I find out more I will pass that information along.

I will be calling on all of you to help with the myriad of tasks that allow the Club to function smoothly. We need door greeters, decorators, Class Reps (the Thursday class is currently without one), help with purchasing and storing supplies, and help every Saturday evening closing the dance party down. If everyone pitches in, no one person will be overworked to the point of burn out.

Finally, my ’door’ is always open. Please send to me, or other Board members, your suggestions, comments, complaints, etc. If I am doing something you don’t like, please let me know; I’d far and away rather hear about it directly than indirectly.

Thank you!
Mike Greason

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